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Still can’t get these pretty permalinks working.

Westhost have an open ticket and I’m hoping to get it resolved in under a week.

I must admit I’m a little disappointed in the support Westhost has offered for this problem. The ticket has been closed twice without any help, advice or resolution!

UPDATE: problem solved. It was some kind of server path issue.

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  1. Could use some help. At what water temperature is best for the pool chemicals to work. Does temp even have a effect or is it just the balance of the chemicals and ph?

  2. Currently, I have 10 years old Viking fiberglass pool; due to poor installation, the pool has several cracks (the largest crack is 8 feet across the pool), the walls are bulged and a lot of air pockets on the pool floor. It’s a kidney shape about 7 feet deep and 35 feet long and 15 feet across with a shallow end of 3.5 feet. I am very impressed with your knowledge and the installation process. I have neither gravel bed nor sand for back fill around the pool. Would like to hear an advice from the readers to transform my pool to functional pool.

  3. Hi, could some one please help with some info, my mom has a 2X3M pool and its a salt pool it has turned green now and she wants to get it back to the way it was, we don’t have any knowledge on pools, please help, it looks terrible!!!

  4. As with most pool products there is an array of quality manufacturers who produce automatic pool cleaners. Hayward manufactures in-ground pool cleaners that are durable, reliable, and at the forefront of pool cleaning technology. Another excellent manufacturer of pool cleaners for in-ground swimming pools is Polaris. They have been active in the pool cleaner market for more than 40 years and offer a full range of in-ground pool cleaners for all pool styles and designs. Likewise, Pentair manufactures a range of reliable, simple, and convenient automatic in-ground pool cleaners at affordable prices. Finally, another recommended company for in-ground swimming pool cleaners is Zodiac. They are a worldwide company dedicated to developing better automatic pool cleaners.

  5. My sand filter expells dirty water into pool for 10 seconds after backwashing. Plumbing problem?

  6. I took my water to be tested, and the people told me to add chemicals in order according to a list, but the first chemical on the list, metal out for copper, says to adjust ph to over 7.2 before using, which would be fine except for the pool place says to do the alkalinity after the metal out. So which do I do first? Adjust the ph, or do the metal out?

  7. Good afternoon. our story begins about 7 months ago when my husband and I purchased a home with a pool. As summer approached we excitedly went to Litehouse pools in Stow Ohio to buy a new pump and filter. We ended up buying a Jacuzzi brand filter (a company we later learned has gone bankrupt several times and does not have the best reputation) The salesperson sold us the floor model and told us the owners manual was in the pump (it was not)When we asked him to explain how to hook up/use the pump he told us to watch a you tube video. Even though in my opinion its bad customer service to say that because if I wanted to do everything online I would have bought the pump online and wouldn’t have gone to Litehouse in the first place. The whole reason you buy from a store is because you want to see a human and have things explained to you in person. Against my better judgment I went ahead and shelled out the $700.00 for the pump. We got it home. I began a search for the owners manual online. I never found it anywhere. Or any youtube videos with our pump. My husband hooked up the pump in what we guessed was the correct way. (Though with no owners manual it was only a guess) Than we began the long grueling task of cleaning the pool. We added all the chemicals that were recommended to us. But its been over a month and the pool never cleared. Now I’m no pool expert but I’ve been informed by several (not Litehouse salespeople) that with a new pump and filter and with the pools chemical levels being right where they should be the pool should have cleared a long time ago. So today my husband went back to Litehouse where they informed him there’s nothing they can do! They didn’t offer to send someone out to try to fix the problem or try to swap out the pump for a new one. so after about a month of back breaking work and spending a lot of money on the pump and pool chemicals we have nothing to show for it.Excuse me for being old fashioned but it is my firm belief that a company should stand behind the products they sell. Very Disappointed!

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