Swimming Pool Help Forum becomes authority

The Swimming Pool Help Forums have been elevated to authority status by Google. With over 17 million 200 million 1,04 trillion results for pool help, the forums have been given special directory status with a list of Swimming Pool Forum site links. Well done guys! You should be proud of your achievements.

Google sitelinks for Pool Help Forum

Coming in second is Swimming Pool Maintenance, an undisputible authority on swimming pool care and swimming pools.

It looks like you lucky people are in for a busy summer with a Google thumbs-up like that. Keep up the good work.

89 thoughts on “Swimming Pool Help Forum becomes authority

  1. my pool wasn’t winterized last year now I have foliage decay stuck to my liner what chemical/solution can I use

  2. my pool wasn’t winterized last year now I have foliage decay stuck to my liner what chemical/solution can I use

  3. my pool was not properly winterized leaves etc. what chemical/solvent can I use to remove foliage stains and stuck on debris

  4. Help! Main drain cover was improperly attached and has come loose. The main drain is dual suction to accommodate Polaris. Can’t find any of these 3 to 4 inch screws with special hrs head.

  5. i just filled up my pool with
    fresh water from our outdoor
    hose. i have learned much over the years about pools.
    the obvious way to go is auto
    saltwater generator. However,
    I must ordered so parts and pool guys won’t be able to come out for a few weeks. I
    am forced to open now with
    chlorine. I have been around
    the block enough to know that
    chlorine is bleach. I can buy
    gallon jugs at dollar tree (6%
    active ingredient). Question is
    how much do I need for a 20,000 gallon pool? thanks

  6. I’m losing 2″ of water a day whether pump is on or off.

    Pressure checked pipes twice at 12 lbs Psi.

    Had dye/ visual and sound checks done.


  7. I have a 16×32 in ground pool with vinyl liner and wanting to put a above ground pool inside of in ground frame. And was wondering what all I would have to do ?

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