Feb 22

During the cold winter months pool water tends to stay clear with very little help. Generally algae does not appear and I hardly ever see a pool turn green. Any algae growth that does occur is extremely slow.

Of course winterizing is ideal, but many of our pools are not winterized. To these we add an occasional dose of chlorine and run the pump at least once a week. Vacuuming requirements are negligible – once every 3 or 4 weeks is plenty under normal circumstances.

Winterized pools? We cover them and forget them until April or May, which is so much easier.

At the end of the day it is the pool owner who makes the decision and either way we are happy; our pools are always clear and blue.

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66 Responses to “Pool care in winter”

  1. Trudy Says:

    So not winterizing is more labor intensive but can be a lot cheaper.


  2. SwimZone Says:

    I never winterize because I prefer to kepp the pool going. I have a water feature and love the sound of gushing cascading water.

  3. Rosemary Says:

    Since we live in Florida, we don’t winterize. There is not too much maintenance or chemicals needed in the winter here. But we do keep it vacuumed in order to eliminate stains and buildup of debris in the filter.


  4. Totalpoolwarehouse Says:

    The type of swimming pool you have also dictates the importance, time and cost of winterizing a pool. For example the importance of winterizing a vinyl lined above ground pool is the highest because they can be the most fragile in harsh weather conditions. The vinyl liner to these types of pools can rip easily and needs to be fully shielded from winter weather conditions. A new liner for an above ground pool can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the size of your pool.

  5. medal lion pools Says:

    Yep. Winterizing is great. Quick and Easy. Keeping your pool open all year round is alot of work! Just make sure your lines don’t freeze, that can be bad!

  6. Steve Says:

    I Agree it should not take to much money , when living in a area with wind worse that temperature . We have all kinds of winterizing supplies and helpful hints.

  7. Zodiac Pool Cleaners Says:

    Very nice article. You are right on in saying that you really don’t hace to do much with your pool during winter months. I was asking pool professional about this and to my surprise they almost exactly what you wrote about. Keep up the good information about pools

  8. Patsy | Swimming Pool Says:

    Great post, this is the first i have seen this product, I find that there are a lot of people that struggle with their pools during the winter months and I think that this product will be very useful.

  9. Joseph M Says:

    Many people have outdoor hot tubs that they use throughout the winter. HeatTrak manufactures heated mats specifically for hot tub owners to be able to get to the tub safely and comfortably.

  10. obru Schwimmbadueberdachung Says:

    You could also try a professionell cover for your pool.

  11. Pool Water Testing Says:

    Total Pool Warehouse made a very good point. The decision to Winterize a pool or not Winterize a pool depends quite a bit on the location of the pool. Anyone daring NOT to Winterize in areas where ground freeze, below freezing temperatures, and heavy precipitation occur for more than a few days will undoubtedly have quite an expensive mess to clean up come Springtime. Even people living in areas where the temperatures drop to non-swimming levels should consider the merits of at least covering their pool to prevent debris such as leaves and dirt from entering the water, settling to the bottom, and potentially causing staining. In the end, though, the decision rests w/ the pool owner so we advise all pool owners to do their homework before blindly accepting ANYone’s advice on ANY pool care topic.

  12. Thomas Ferarri Says:

    Just put a cover on your pool! You don’t have to winterize or worry about algae! It saves you money and if you live in four seasons weather all you have to do is close the pool during the winter. Then during the warm weather all you do is open the pool with a simple switch and close it when your done. It keeps the pool warm, clean, safe, and saves you money all year-round!

  13. tucson spas Says:

    Pool care in winter is a huge challenge among our clients. Another problem is that debris enters the pool area and t’s left until swimming season comes again.

  14. גריל Says:

    I agree with your post.and that is really good info for the cleaning the hot tub in winter weather.And this is not so expensive.thanks for this info.

  15. The Swimming Pool Butler Says:

    We live in Arizona and we continue to maintain our pools in the winter. However, we do turn down the running time of the filters and hardly use any chemicals. We’re also able to lengthen the life of the salt systems because we’re able to turn them off for weeks at a time because the chlorine residual stays in the pool a lot longer during the winter. Also, we’ve found that breaking up chlorine tabs allows the pool to absorb the chlorine better in the winter. Hope these tips help someone!

  16. Swimming Pools Says:

    I totally agree, swimming pool owners really do need to keep their swimming pools in top condition all year around which means even in the winter and cold months. If a pool is not looked after in these months too your swimming pool will be left more prone to damage or will not be useable once the summer weather is back.

    Some simple swimming pool tips and mantanence can help to keep any swimming pool in top condition. We have some great tips and guides on swimming pool water treatment which are well worth a read if your not sure on what can be done to keep your pool water in top shape.

  17. Marikxon Manurung Says:

    Thank you for the info, I think it’s really helpful info about Pool care in winter, I will keep in mind your site if some one asking me about things that you mentioned.

  18. Roark Griffin Says:

    Winterizing in So Cal is as easy as running your equipment after7pm, and running it for shorter periods. Chemical consumption is limited. You still ned to pay your service though, problems with equipment or PH can cost much more than the monthly fee

  19. John Williams Says:

    Keeping in mind that water self lock (water chemistry) at 59 degrees makes it very mainenance free when water reaches this desired temperature. Colder regions of the world have lower maintenance in the winter months. More maintenance and more water activity (chemically speaking) in the warmer regions of the world.

  20. Morris Barkley Says:

    Winterizing during the off season is very important. Protect your investment as you do during the swim season.

  21. Atlanta Club Pools Says:

    WInterizing your pool and putting a cover on it can really help you save money. Turn those pumps off and watch your electric bill plummet!

  22. Bob B. Says:

    Reading this post regarding pool maintenance I noticed a comment from a reader in Florida stating the do two the weather, a whole lot of maintenance is not required. Changing filters, keeping the correct ph balance seems to be real important. Also as a tip, I had a Jandy Vac the was in need of repair and could not find parts for it. I found all the parts I needed from a company in Calilforia called poolparts

  23. Kenny Montgomery Says:

    Taking care of your swimming pool all year round is very important. Just like a car or even a summer home you need to make sure to winterize it to keep anything from happening to it during a cold long winter. By taking the steps to winterize your pool could save you time and money come spring.

  24. Kim Marie Says:

    I agree time spent now will make spring start up easier. Have a a good cover and following recomended steps to balance water chemistry is key. We meet all your pool needs at low Prices! Familypoolfun

    Free winterizing chemicals with purchase of a inground safety cover.

  25. Water Container : Says:

    i always prefer to use above ground pools because they are safer in my opinion’:,

  26. Melatonin Supplement Information · Says:

    of course above ground pools are easier to maintain and to clean ;*.

  27. Pat Brown Says:

    Great Article. Customers who properly winterize are happier customers in the spring. Keeping chemicals adjusted during the winter months just puts you ahead of the game in the spring.

  28. kcl Says:

    Nice post. This post is different from what I read on most blog. And it have so many valuable things to learn.Thank you for your sharing!

  29. Jeff Says:

    My pool is 25000 gallons and we winterize in october/november before closing – add chemicals etc.. Do i need to add chemicals during December, january or february?

  30. Phoenix pool service Says:

    Here in Phoenix it never quite gets cold enough to shut down completely. But you can reduce pump time and the need for chemicals is greatly reduced. However, unless your pool is covered you will still need to do some maintenance to remove any debris and dirt

  31. Harry Booth Says:

    Good article and smartly written – the only thing I would add is to use a bonded copper algaecide to give you an extra level of protection.
    We do this process in all our closings and we have clear pools when they are opened in April!

  32. majesticwi.com Says:

    Wind powered pool heaters? YES! Patent pending technology combines inexpensive equipment with high energy production. Many sizes available or combine several units to power a common heater. Installs easy and installs inline with existing equipment… if wind isn’t blowing, your existing system operates as normal.

  33. Ryan Says:

    Whats winterizing? Oh yea, I operate in Floirda! I was gonna say, should I go back to school. LOL. Either way works, I would difinitly keep it covered in the winter time if i lived anywhere else but florida. This also keeps all the debris from the storms and such out of the pool and keeps in about 97 percent of air temp for evaporation and etc. I would still check it once per mo. while covered to make sure it doesnt need a tab of chlorene!

  34. Neeraj Says:

    Thanks! Your winterizing is Nice. Quick and well-situated.

  35. Neeraj Says:

    Very Nice article. I was really need this what you wrote about. Thanks for share good information on web.

  36. naomi Says:

    My above ground pool has been winterized. We used an equalizer pillow and winter cover. We live in connecticut and have experienced a brutal winter. Had very thick ice on top of the pool cover. The last few days we have been able to run the pump to get the melted ice off the cover. The problem is that the volume of water in the pool itself seems to have gone down over the winter. Could the walls have expanded that much to make it appear as though we lost water?

  37. Bonnie B Says:

    We live in Nevada and we continue to maintain our pools in the winter, but it’s very low maintenance. I hate that I can’t use half my yard for half the year, but during summer the pool is great!

  38. San Ramon Pool Cleaning Says:

    Out here in California, people swim year round for the most part, so we don’t worry too much about the winter time. I will say that it is all about keeping the water balanced, the pool clean, and your equipment up to date. I can only imagine how much business you cold environment pool service guys get come Spring when everyone is ready to swim, and their pool equipment wasn’t properly maintained. That is a lesson you only have to learn once.

  39. Pool Heater Hayward Says:

    I believe that “winterizing” your pool is always a good idea to protect your pool from freezing water. Covering it will keep it clean and it will be easier to open it later on.

  40. Intex Swimming Pools Says:

    Thanks for sharing such useful information and its a nice sharing. Your sharing has given me a very good assistance in caring my pool in winter season.

  41. Elk Grove Pools Says:

    Running a pool service in Elk Grove, CA, we find that people are out enjoying their pools year round. Covering a pool is an eye sore. The daily accumulation of dust and debris builds up on the cover, waiting for a good rain to wash it into the pool all at once. This consumes the avalible sanitizer and causes algae growth. We’ve noticed that while the sanitizer level is easy to maintain during the winter months, the Ph wnats to climb. Letting that happen would cause various problems including scale build up on the surfaces. To fight this we use chlorine tablets year round. The pools stay well sanitized and the very low Ph of the tabs keep the pools in check. The result, a beautiful, sparkling blue pool year round.

  42. Allie K. Says:

    We are new pool/hot tub owners..Our pool is connected to our hot tub..Approx. 17,000 gallon pool…
    1. What is winterizing?
    2. Last year, we did not need to use the algae remover..We just cleaned the pool with a gentle cloth and the algae was sucked up by the Diatomaceous earth filtering system…This year, we purchased algae remover and we were advised to add the entire bottle, let the filter run for one hour and then add one bag of shock, then clean filter..
    Why is shock needed afterward?
    Thank you!

  43. Michael du Toit Says:

    I just moved in to a new house and the pool look bad!I got the water clear but the bottom still has dust.I backwash,rinse and filter but it still looks like dirty water coming out of the pump back into the pool!!!Please help???

  44. Pioneer Pools Says:

    I guess 1 solution is pool covers. I bought mine in Pioneer pools in Christchurch that was nice in winter very useful.

  45. Dave Says:

    Remember if you open your pool late and the water temp sneaks above 60f then you are going to be greeted with green algae.

  46. Willie Says:

    I live in cold enough weather to winterize, I have used a solid cover for years and am wondering if i can substitute a mesh cover in the place of a solid cover?

  47. Joel Says:

    I have an in-ground pool and at least 3 months of freezing weather. I tried a mesh leaf cover for two years with out a regular pool cover. It keeps the leaves out but smaller particles get through and most important the leaves get wet and begin and the tannic acid starts to leech into the pool, sort of like have a few hundred tea bags. Bottom line, the pool was a nice dark brown and it took a lot of filter cycles to get it clear and getting the smaller particles from the bottom was a real pain. So now I cover it and use the leaf nets on top of the cover and it’s a breeze to pump out any water on top of the cover (I put the pump under the leaf net) the leaves go with the net. The water? perfectly clear like the day I covered it.

  48. pool guy nj Says:

    Depending on the pool type and size, winterizing isn’t always nessesary.

  49. www.pooltimeusa.com Says:

    Here in the bay area of California with the mild winters we service pools year-round. Here is some helpfull adivice: Keep a Routine/Program
    Find something that works for you and stick to it every week. You should always perform Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH and Acid Demand tests every single week without exception. It is best if you approach sanitizing your pool as a three step process, even if there is some degree of overlap between the steps. Ensure you have some sort of slow, regulated introduction of sanitizer into the pool – a common method is to use 3” chlorine tablets in a floating dispenser or an in-line feeder (salt chlorine generators satisfy this step as well). Have a separate oxidizing agent that can be used to rapidly dissipate undesirable compounds in the water – granular chlorine shock or liquid sodium hypochlorite (bleach) work well for this. Third, an algae preventative product can save you a lot of grief (and money).
    The key is that you find a process that you are comfortable with, addresses the fundamentals of pool care and can be repeated on a weekly basis without too much hassle

  50. hayward pool cleaners automatic Says:

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  51. Matthew Says:

    What do they do up north to keep the pools from Freezing? Does it hurt them if they form ice on the top of the pool?

  52. Phoenix Hot Tubs Says:

    With the joy of having a pool there also comes the responsibility of it. Pool winter maintenance is much easier than in the summer months. It is always a good idea to get professional pool maintenance inspection done fro peace of mind.

  53. Pool Gas Heaters Says:

    winterizing your pool in winter is good there is not need to care it regularly proper chlorination and pool cover will keep pool water safe. just heat pool water when it needed will reduce electricity.

  54. Heidi Says:

    We are new pool owners here in So. Cal. (cold, though no freezing weather) and are curious as to how we’d go about winterizing the pool for the next few months. It is in-ground (approx. 35′ x 16′ and 8 ft. deep) and will not be in use. Water levels, Chlorine levels? Should PH and Alkaline levels be checked and kept the same as in summer? Should anything be added to keep algae from forming? How often/for how long do we run the pump and should this include the vaccuum and/or only the skimmer? Also, since our spa has the same water supply, does this mean if we prepare the pool for winter that the spa cannot be used during these months? I appreciate any and all comments. ~Thank You!

  55. AboveGroundPros Says:

    This is exactly what we tell our customers about closing their pools or not. It is definitely up to the customers preference. I also tell them to open the pool early in the season so the warm Spring air will not start algae growth and the customer will have to clear up a green pool at the start of the season.

  56. American Pools and Spas in Orlando Says:

    Sometimes the best solution is to go ahead and put the swimming pool cover. It can help keep your pool clean and lower your energy bill.

  57. smokeassist Says:

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  59. Orlando Pools Says:

    Pool covers are great energy savers.It definitely helps keep t

  60. Automatic Pool Cover Says:

    The best way is to use an automatic pool cover with a thermal blanket for the cold nights and uncover you pool on warmer days. If you have a manual cover you will most likely leave it covered most of the time and swim less.

  61. Pool liners HQ Says:

    Keeping your above ground pool covered in winter time is a must, i think. At least when living in areas with cold or bad weather conditions in wintertime. Don’t forget to keep your cover free from raining water though… A good cover pump or draining it yourself once in a while can do the trick!

  62. Merodynamic Pools Says:

    Mero Pools is an Atlanta Georgia based swimming pool company. We emphasise to all of our clients the importance of winterizing their pools. As i’m writing this we are at 6 degrees. I imagine we will be getting a lot of freeze damage calls. Great Article! Thanks for reminding people! http://www.mdpool.com

  63. Tina Says:

    I live in central Florida and the winter months have been pretty cold lately and have had some freeze warnings in this area. My question is how often do we put chemicals in our pool during the winter months? The only time anyone swims in the pool is a few times in the summer months, usually on the weekends, but not in the winter.
    Do we cut the chemicals in half during the winter months, or do we keep it the same? We usually put in 4 tablets of chlorine if regular size, 2 if large. and 1 shock when there is a lot of activity during the summer months. In the winter months however, no one uses the pool, so we’ve been adding 1 shock a week a 2 tablets of chlorine each week. I believe this is too much and we are wasting our money. I guess the reason we’ve been adding this much, is so we can ease into the summer months with not a lot of maintenance.
    Should we cut back on the amount of chemicals since nobody is using the pool in the winter?
    Also I might add, this is an in ground pool and it is screened in.
    Any information would be much appreciated.
    Thank you!

  64. Pukh P. Says:

    The article is very good! In winter i would flud out the water. So you can save many time for cleaning.

  65. Clint Gearside Says:

    Depending on the lifestyle of the pool owner would depend on what I would recommend for pool care, if they are home all the time then non winterizing is the way to go as it is cheaper but sometimes its not an option and winterizing the pool is the recommended course of action. In the end of the day what ever keeps the client happy is what you should do.

  66. Stacy Says:

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