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Whenever you get pool supplies, the instructions say x ounces per 1,000 gallons or something similar. So how many gallons of water does my swimming pool hold?

There are a lot of sites on the internet that tell you how to work out your pool volume. These easy to use pool volume calculators from the Pool Wizard make life so much easier.

You just put in the measurements and it spits out the answer. I tested it out and it consistently gives ‘clean’ results to the nearest 100 gallons. I found this very nifty, after all, who wants a result like 11,489 gallons. It seems unwieldy and unnecessary to have such an accurate result as opposed to 11,500 gallons, which is just as good when it comes to swimming pool volume and chemical dosing.

The Pool Wizard site have also made provision for those who use metric values. You put in the measurements in meters and it gives metric pool volume results (in cubic meters) as well as the conversion into gallons.

I think the volumes are given in US gallons, though they do not say. Perhaps I’ll send them a note and get them to confirm (or deny) this.

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  1. “I think the volumes are given in US gallons, though they do not say.”

    Thanks for pointing this oversight out to me Larry. The pool water volumes are all given in US gallons and I have had the pages updated to reflect this information.

  2. Wonderful pool volume calculators there.

    Thanks so much for finding this gem of a website. I have gone and ordered a Pool Wizard too. I’ll let you know how my pool does with it.

  3. Wow! That really is easy pool volume calculating. I like the clean results it gives for gallons. Would be nicer if there was a thousands spacer or something.

  4. Wow, Great article! I’m sure tons of people have this question every day. Especially if you just moved into a new house and were never told how many gallons your pool was. Keep up the great work!

  5. I write the capacity on the inside of the control box with a black permanent marker. This is good for people like me that seem to forget things easily.
    What were we talking about?

  6. Excellent website, swimming pool calculations are not always as simple as we’d like to think. Variation in depths and bespoke requests can have an effect on swimming pool volume water.

  7. Pool volume calculators are a great tool. This is great advice for residential swimming pools, makes life a lot easier. Thanks for the link!

  8. Add some algaecide, winter mineral control and non-chlorine shock, add each in a 30minute interval and run the pump fro atleast 4 hours. Then drain the pool below the skimmer level. Plug the skimmer with a Gizzmo, to prevent the skimmer from cracking. Cover the pool with cover. Make sure your filter valve is turned to ‘winter’ or closed position. You can take your pump motor inside, but not necessry.

  9. Fantastic! This article just me knowledge about pools I did not know before. To be honest, I wouldn’t really pay much attention to this before and think this is not important or whatsoever but this article is a really good way to make me realize what I’ve been ignoring. Thank you so much. This is so useful.

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