Feb 23

I received a few emails about the post I did on calculating pool volume. The question posed was, “how can you measure the pool easily?” especially in the cold, wet weather.

The most common way to measure a pool is with a measuringLaser rangefinder tape, but nowadays we use a digital laser rangefinder. It can measure up to 150 feet and will also calculate area and volume. It cannot measure pool depth through the water though, so we rely on more traditional methods to get depth measurements.

To make my pool measurements quickly I enlist the help of anyone nearby and take “readings” off of them. To measure the swimming pool depth I use the pool pole (from the net/ scoop/ vacuum head). I mark the water depth on the pole and can easily measure the pole on “dry land”.

Our laser tool has made measuring so much easier and quicker. I tend to carry spare batteries as well as my trusty old tape measures. I still use the old-style tape measure in bright sunlight for distances over 100 feet because I find it extremely difficult to find the laser dot. I suppose one day I’ll get the special sighting board and glasses or upgrade to a more powerful device. For now I’m just getting used to this little techno-toy and having fun while saving time.

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52 Responses to “Swimming pool measurement”

  1. SteveS Says:

    Do you think the make and model really matter? I figure if I only need to measure up to 60 feet I don’t need such an upmarket machine.
    Does anyone know how bright the laser on the cheaper gadgets are?

  2. Bryan Says:

    I use an el-cheapo Chinese trash gadget. It is a few inches out in the results, but that’s close enough for me. I’m no pro so I use it for odd jobs around the house and yard.

    If I plant the new rosebush 3 inches too far, so what?! I have had it for a year or so. If it gives me another year of service then I’m happy.

  3. RITA GARNER Says:


  4. tammie Says:

    How do I measure my swimming pool. I have had it for several years and am in the process of ordering a new liner. I can not remmber the size of the pool. I think that it is 24′ round, but am not 100% sure.

  5. jjab500 Says:

    I think you measure across, around and depth.

  6. Your Summertime Swimming Pool » Blog Archive » Swimming pool measurement Says:

    [...] continued here « Natural Swimming Pools: In The Swim With Nature Are Your Local Public Pool Drains Safe [...]

  7. Rob Says:

    No doubt, a VERY useful device. I purchased a house a couple of years ago with a pool already built in. I spent forever trying to figure out how to measure the gallons of water it held.

  8. Spabad Says:

    Your blog post is very informative, thanks for sharing!

  9. Jessica Parker Says:

    I was a lifeguard for 5 years in what seems to be a lifetime ago and checking measurements is obnoxious. Unfortunately we never had cool technologies like this. It would have saved me a ton of time.

  10. doll Says:

    your suggestion for measuring the summing pool is very nice. thanks for your information.

  11. T McClure Says:

    hey jess, where did you used to be a lifeguard? i did it in high wycombe but not for 5 years. i once fell in trying to do a measurement once

  12. Greenman31790 Says:

    Question: If I use a chemical test and keep my pH in line with that, why do I need to know the water volume? Is it important enough to spend the dough?

  13. Pool Fencing Says:

    Where can I get this device? & how to I use it? Is there any place where I can get some help?

  14. phoenix pool service Says:

    cool device!

  15. Roark Griffin Says:

    I keep all the measurements and capacities on file for all of my customers. This information helps when making estimates for jobs or orders for chemicals, and allows for accuracy without having to revisit the pool.

  16. John Williams Says:

    Good input on measuring pools. We have always used the lenght x width x average depth x 7.5 to help measure gallons of water in the pool.

  17. Jeff Says:

    This is great information, the laser range finder is an excellent device to make volume calculations easier.

  18. Morris Barkley Says:

    Nice device. The old trusted method of measuring total gallons is length x width x AD x 7.5. This should get you to how many gallons.

  19. Pam Says:

    Which is more economical to maintain? Saltwater pool or fresh water pool. I have an inground pool.

  20. Tampa Screen Enclosures Says:

    great tips on how to accurately measure a swimming pool. thanks for sharing

  21. billsoukup Says:

    An easy way to measure an odd sized pool is to use a walking measure tape, or to use a tape measure, and measure the circumference (outside edge) if you will of the pool. Take this measurement time (x) average depth times (x) 7.5 will give you the pool gallons.

  22. Pool fencing Says:

    This instrument is real good. If you can let me know where i can get this instrument may be i can use it in my future projects.

  23. Mispilkin1 Says:

    as a pool builder its nice to know about new technology. thanks for sharing

  24. Robert Edgar Says:

    A saltwater pool generates chlorine so you save money on chlorine but, it takes while to get a return on your ititial investment.

  25. Jeff Epping Says:

    Does anyone know if there is any other knock off brands of the same machine that you might be able to find for cheaper?

  26. Anthem Pool Service Says:

    A lazer measuring device like this makes my job much easier. We need to know the gallons of water in the pool when we use specific chemicals (like cleaning up a green pool).

  27. Pool Products Says:

    Awesome tool. Finding the exact gallonage in a pool using the old traditional way has always been a real pain, especially by yourself. It was long over due for something like this. Thanks for sharing!!

  28. obru Says:

    Thank you for the great article. The laser tool is very nice!

  29. Webmaster Says:

    Yes there is no doubt, Your post have very useful information for pool users. thanks for sharing it.

  30. JD Says:

    I am just wondering if I need to include this gadget right away if I intend to have a swimming pool and buy all the necessary accessories/supplies. Would you advise that I take this as a necessary tool for my swimming pool?

  31. Inflatable Pools Says:

    I have friends who are looking for the best way to measure the gallons of water in their pools. This is something that is really a good way of advancing pool maintenance and management. Thank you for posting!

  32. Endless Current Pumps Says:

    This laser would be much easier than measuring the pool volume using traditional methods. Is there a link to purchase this item?

  33. Pioneer Pools Says:

    I think its better to follow the standard sizes.. But this tool is awesome specially to private pools who were designed according to every owners choice. All You have to do with that is hand in the tool to whom will make your pool so everything is ready to go. I have my own pool made last summer with Pioneer Pools in Christchurch and its amazing.

  34. Jef Kirchmaier Says:

    Very cool device! Way better than the old way with a tape measure!

  35. Faye@ Pool pumps Says:

    Wow! That tool is amazing! It made our job very easy! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  36. swimming pool chemicals Says:

    Wonderful post. Indeed I do explore the blogging world to find the latest on swimming pool industry, their designs and construction and I came across your blog post and found it is indeed noteworthy. I am now your regular subscriber and do wish you will be posting more good posts on swimming pools over the coming days. Thanks

  37. Michael Says:

    I tell customers to use the average depth multiplied by the circumference

  38. baby floats for pool Says:

    Awesome information I like it. Thank you very much.

  39. pool repair Says:

    I like the idea of these tools but I’m a tape measure type of guy. Don’t get me wrong I do also use a laser transit for grades but I would rather use ole faithful.

  40. pool guy nj Says:

    technology is so sweet sometimes

  41. pools sussex Says:

    Tools like these make our job so much easier, great review I’m now off to find a place to purchase one of these useful tools. Thanks.

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    i use one of these tools, not just for pool measuring though it has lots of great purposes.

  43. Chester Removals Says:

    Great tool, can be used for lots of things.

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  47. Naples Pool Heater Repair Says:

    Thanks, is there any online store I can purchase this instrument?

  48. AmericanPools Says:

    To measure a swimming pool. Measure the pool’s length and width. Take the measurements by holding the tape measure at the two points farthest from each other on the length and width of the pool.
    Calculate the average depth for the pool. For example, add the shallow end figure (3 feet) with the deep end figure (9 feet). Divide by two, which will result in an average depth of six feet.Multiply the length times width times average depth.
    For rectangle, square or custom-form pools, multiply the figure by 7.5 to compute total water volume in gallons; multiply round or oval pools by 5.9 to compute total water volume in gallons.

  49. Shane Says:

    What a great gadget. Anything to making measuring easier and quicker!

  50. pool opening in Somerset Says:

    Very useful information about Swimming pool measurement, I’m waiting in future

  51. candie Says:

    I just recently bought a 24×52 above ground pool and have no clue what I am doing wrong…The water was blue and pretty for about a week and my pump messed up so that turned it green.I shocked it several times,and that did nothing.My test thing read the right amount.I am having my husband drain it now but I need to know what I need…if you could help I would greatly appreciate it..

  52. Glass pool fencing melbourne Says:

    I have been using this Bosch tool for a while now and have found it to be a real time saver. Easy to use and very accurate. Great product!

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