Swimming pool measurement

I received a few emails about the post I did on calculating pool volume. The question posed was, “how can you measure the pool easily?” especially in the cold, wet weather.

The most common way to measure a pool is with a measuringLaser rangefinder tape, but nowadays we use a digital laser rangefinder. It can measure up to 150 feet and will also calculate area and volume. It cannot measure pool depth through the water though, so we rely on more traditional methods to get depth measurements.

To make my pool measurements quickly I enlist the help of anyone nearby and take “readings” off of them. To measure the swimming pool depth I use the pool pole (from the net/ scoop/ vacuum head). I mark the water depth on the pole and can easily measure the pole on “dry land”.

Our laser tool has made measuring so much easier and quicker. I tend to carry spare batteries as well as my trusty old tape measures. I still use the old-style tape measure in bright sunlight for distances over 100 feet because I find it extremely difficult to find the laser dot. I suppose one day I’ll get the special sighting board and glasses or upgrade to a more powerful device. For now I’m just getting used to this little techno-toy and having fun while saving time.

Concrete pool building

The cooler winter months are ideal for building concrete pools. The concrete cures perfectly without risk of drying out. This is a pool we have recently begun. This picture was taken while the rebar was being laid out prior to the plumbing and PVC piping.

Pool building - foundation

The next photo was taken while pouring the concrete. The base has been completed and the walls are bing filled. The workers are using a vibrator to eliminate air pockets from the concrete. The plumbing and electric lighting have all been put in place before the concrete arrives.

Pool building - walls

After a few days it’s on to the overflow channels and the top slab. The end result will be a 20 x 40 foot overflow pool 6.5 feet deep. The inground structure includes the overflow tank, freshwater tank for all the household and garden needs, pool pump room, garden sprinkler pump room, and living area consisting of a rec room, wet bar/ kitchen and bathroom/ shower facilities.

World’s largest pool

This one really blew me away. I’ve seen big swimming pools, but this one takes the cake. The largest swimming pool in the world is in Chile!

World’s largest pool 2

The pool is 3,324 feet long and has an area of almost 20 acres. It holds 660,000 gallons of water heated to 79°F in the warmer months. With a depth of up to 115 feet it is hard to think of as a swimming pool.

Photos show rowboats, sailboats and windsurfers using the pool. The construction company claim a “patented process (that) eliminates traditional filtration and uses up to 100 times less chemical products”.

World’s largest pool

Seems too good to be true.
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