Swimming Pool Help Forum becomes authority

The Swimming Pool Help Forums have been elevated to authority status by Google. With over 17 million 200 million 1,04 trillion results for pool help, the forums have been given special directory status with a list of Swimming Pool Forum site links. Well done guys! You should be proud of your achievements.

Google sitelinks for Pool Help Forum

Coming in second is Swimming Pool Maintenance, an undisputible authority on swimming pool care and swimming pools.

It looks like you lucky people are in for a busy summer with a Google thumbs-up like that. Keep up the good work.

87 thoughts on “Swimming Pool Help Forum becomes authority

  1. Over the last 6 months or so I am seeing a lot of spam on the forum. Most likely people trying to take advantage of the Google Authority of the site.
    People are constantly posting questions on there so it definitely is still a popular forum for swimming pool issues.

  2. Well done! I encourage our techs to use the forums as much as they can to ask for help and give advice. I just barely ran across this blog when searching out a problem online, so I would also like to say congrats on the good news!

  3. I have read all the information about cloudy, milky pool water and still do not see my problem resolved. At this time of year my well has salty water, therefore the pool has salty water. Is it possible that this is the cause of it not clearing up? Chlorine and PH levels are good.

  4. Hello, I am also very glad that I found your forum I have a question!
    We have an intelligent house and a normal pool. Do you know if something with witch I can controll my pool the same way as my house exists?😃

  5. Congratulations to pool help forum for making it to the big leagues and setting standards for the industry with information, help, and an environment beneficial for the industry and pool consumers. We are always ready to help and contribute to forums like pool help forum with our years of expert advice and service. http://www.chlorinegenie.com

  6. Well done! I urge our specialists to utilize the gatherings as much as they can to request help and give counsel. I marginally kept running over this blog when seeking out an issue on the web, so I might likewise want to state well done on the uplifting news!

  7. my pool wasn’t winterized last year now I have foliage decay stuck to my liner what chemical/solution can I use

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