Swimming Pool Help Forum becomes authority

The Swimming Pool Help Forums have been elevated to authority status by Google. With over 17 million 200 million 1,04 trillion results for pool help, the forums have been given special directory status with a list of Swimming Pool Forum site links. Well done guys! You should be proud of your achievements.

Google sitelinks for Pool Help Forum

Coming in second is Swimming Pool Maintenance, an undisputible authority on swimming pool care and swimming pools.

It looks like you lucky people are in for a busy summer with a Google thumbs-up like that. Keep up the good work.

Pool blog help

Still can’t get these pretty permalinks working.

Westhost have an open ticket and I’m hoping to get it resolved in under a week.

I must admit I’m a little disappointed in the support Westhost has offered for this problem. The ticket has been closed twice without any help, advice or resolution!

UPDATE: problem solved. It was some kind of server path issue.