World’s largest pool

This one really blew me away. I’ve seen big swimming pools, but this one takes the cake. The largest swimming pool in the world is in Chile!

World’s largest pool 2

The pool is 3,324 feet long and has an area of almost 20 acres. It holds 660,000 gallons of water heated to 79°F in the warmer months. With a depth of up to 115 feet it is hard to think of as a swimming pool.

Photos show rowboats, sailboats and windsurfers using the pool. The construction company claim a “patented process (that) eliminates traditional filtration and uses up to 100 times less chemical products”.

World’s largest pool

Seems too good to be true.
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20 thoughts on “World’s largest pool

  1. Wow. I would love to visit. I always thought Chile was nowhere, but I’m impressed.
    Do you know anything about the pool maintenance they do?

  2. What’s the latest stats, in terms of World’s largest after this one?
    I was thinking china for some reason, specially with all the Olympic stuff
    going on. I hear Dubai is also in the move to make things bigger.

  3. please help me here–world’s largest pool at 660,000 gallons–would you please send correction on volume?


  4. I wonder if they have any metal problems. We could help with that at Periodic Products. They could use CuLator to permanently remove metals!

  5. There is also a indoor sythentic beach in Japan. The funny thing is that it is only like a mile away from the real beach. I guess that would be great if you wanted to go to the beach but the weather was bad or something. But from the picture here of the one in Chile, it looks as if this pool is right by the real beach too. Hmm, thats weird, why would they build a swimming pool right next to a real natural body of water you can swim in? Seems like a waste of money if you ask me.

  6. wow! that thing is amazing! what a big pool…I wonder how they clean it? they would probably need hundreds of pool maintenance personnel and lots of machine pumps. I wonder how much the builder spent just to build that thing. Impressive technology indeed!

  7. That is an amazing pool! Is there any information as to how long it took to build this pool. Its amazing how clean the water looks in the picture. I am putting this one on my list of resorts to visit in the next two years! Thanks!

  8. Wow. Wow. Orals what a pool. Im having a hard time keeping my mini pool clean. I can’t figure its gallon measurement. I think its about 1100 gallons. I hope if I ever win the lottery. This will be on my list to go trace. Top 10 list

  9. I have seen some pretty amazing pools but this one takes the cake. You would think that this would be in Texas, not Chile. I wonder how much they spend on chemical alone?

  10. My pool is near olympic sized at 650,000 gallons. This article must have skipped a zero or 2 or 3 zeroes maybe in listing the water volume.
    WHY would it be 115 feet deep ????

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