Swimming pool measurement

I received a few emails about the post I did on calculating pool volume. The question posed was, “how can you measure the pool easily?” especially in the cold, wet weather.

The most common way to measure a pool is with a measuringLaser rangefinder tape, but nowadays we use a digital laser rangefinder. It can measure up to 150 feet and will also calculate area and volume. It cannot measure pool depth through the water though, so we rely on more traditional methods to get depth measurements.

To make my pool measurements quickly I enlist the help of anyone nearby and take “readings” off of them. To measure the swimming pool depth I use the pool pole (from the net/ scoop/ vacuum head). I mark the water depth on the pole and can easily measure the pole on “dry land”.

Our laser tool has made measuring so much easier and quicker. I tend to carry spare batteries as well as my trusty old tape measures. I still use the old-style tape measure in bright sunlight for distances over 100 feet because I find it extremely difficult to find the laser dot. I suppose one day I’ll get the special sighting board and glasses or upgrade to a more powerful device. For now I’m just getting used to this little techno-toy and having fun while saving time.

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  2. To measure a swimming pool. Measure the pool’s length and width. Take the measurements by holding the tape measure at the two points farthest from each other on the length and width of the pool.
    Calculate the average depth for the pool. For example, add the shallow end figure (3 feet) with the deep end figure (9 feet). Divide by two, which will result in an average depth of six feet.Multiply the length times width times average depth.
    For rectangle, square or custom-form pools, multiply the figure by 7.5 to compute total water volume in gallons; multiply round or oval pools by 5.9 to compute total water volume in gallons.

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  4. I just recently bought a 24×52 above ground pool and have no clue what I am doing wrong…The water was blue and pretty for about a week and my pump messed up so that turned it green.I shocked it several times,and that did nothing.My test thing read the right amount.I am having my husband drain it now but I need to know what I need…if you could help I would greatly appreciate it..

  5. I have been using this Bosch tool for a while now and have found it to be a real time saver. Easy to use and very accurate. Great product!

  6. This is something I didn’t know about pool measurement device. Surely going to give a try. Thanks for sharing this !

  7. I haven’t encountered this type of product ever. It can measure up to 150 feet, interesting!

    I clicked on product link mentioned in the blog but it didn’t work. Can anyone mention some reference to know more about the product?

  8. We are pool contractors, and in our line of work this tool does make linear distance measurements a little easier, and true about the depth, in our case we don’t have water in the pool at that point yet. Good advice for quick measurement.

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