Swimming pool measurement

I received a few emails about the post I did on calculating pool volume. The question posed was, “how can you measure the pool easily?” especially in the cold, wet weather.

The most common way to measure a pool is with a measuringLaser rangefinder tape, but nowadays we use a digital laser rangefinder. It can measure up to 150 feet and will also calculate area and volume. It cannot measure pool depth through the water though, so we rely on more traditional methods to get depth measurements.

To make my pool measurements quickly I enlist the help of anyone nearby and take “readings” off of them. To measure the swimming pool depth I use the pool pole (from the net/ scoop/ vacuum head). I mark the water depth on the pole and can easily measure the pole on “dry land”.

Our laser tool has made measuring so much easier and quicker. I tend to carry spare batteries as well as my trusty old tape measures. I still use the old-style tape measure in bright sunlight for distances over 100 feet because I find it extremely difficult to find the laser dot. I suppose one day I’ll get the special sighting board and glasses or upgrade to a more powerful device. For now I’m just getting used to this little techno-toy and having fun while saving time.

57 thoughts on “Swimming pool measurement

  1. A lazer measuring device like this makes my job much easier. We need to know the gallons of water in the pool when we use specific chemicals (like cleaning up a green pool).

  2. Awesome tool. Finding the exact gallonage in a pool using the old traditional way has always been a real pain, especially by yourself. It was long over due for something like this. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I am just wondering if I need to include this gadget right away if I intend to have a swimming pool and buy all the necessary accessories/supplies. Would you advise that I take this as a necessary tool for my swimming pool?

  4. I have friends who are looking for the best way to measure the gallons of water in their pools. This is something that is really a good way of advancing pool maintenance and management. Thank you for posting!

  5. I think its better to follow the standard sizes.. But this tool is awesome specially to private pools who were designed according to every owners choice. All You have to do with that is hand in the tool to whom will make your pool so everything is ready to go. I have my own pool made last summer with Pioneer Pools in Christchurch and its amazing.

  6. Wonderful post. Indeed I do explore the blogging world to find the latest on swimming pool industry, their designs and construction and I came across your blog post and found it is indeed noteworthy. I am now your regular subscriber and do wish you will be posting more good posts on swimming pools over the coming days. Thanks

  7. I like the idea of these tools but I’m a tape measure type of guy. Don’t get me wrong I do also use a laser transit for grades but I would rather use ole faithful.

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