Concrete pool building

The cooler winter months are ideal for building concrete pools. The concrete cures perfectly without risk of drying out. This is a pool we have recently begun. This picture was taken while the rebar was being laid out prior to the plumbing and PVC piping.

Pool building - foundation

The next photo was taken while pouring the concrete. The base has been completed and the walls are bing filled. The workers are using a vibrator to eliminate air pockets from the concrete. The plumbing and electric lighting have all been put in place before the concrete arrives.

Pool building - walls

After a few days it’s on to the overflow channels and the top slab. The end result will be a 20 x 40 foot overflow pool 6.5 feet deep. The inground structure includes the overflow tank, freshwater tank for all the household and garden needs, pool pump room, garden sprinkler pump room, and living area consisting of a rec room, wet bar/ kitchen and bathroom/ shower facilities.

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  1. That sure is a lot of rebar for one pool. It will probably be earthquake proof with all that reinforcing and concrete.

  2. What kind of water sanitizer do you use?
    If you would like crystal clear and odor free swimming pool water you could use a UV Sanitizer.
    We have been using this system in the last year and all of our costumers are extremly satisfied with the UV Sanitizer..
    There is an upfront cost (which is lower then the Salt Water system) but then you will save on the chemical use about 85%.
    Ther is minimal maintanence involvd.

  3. Concrete/gunite pools are the way to go. Theres a reason why most of the pools in the world (and almost ALL commercial pools) are gunite/concrete. Just ask an engineer.

  4. hey somebody pls help me in designng changing room for my pool in my upcoming city hote property.
    Any tips in designing the same
    Any help wld be greatly appreciated

  5. If concrete pools are the way to go how come the best warranty I can get on a concrete pool is 8 years. Yet for fiberglass/composite I can get 15 years. Go figure.

  6. Please can somebody out there help us!!! our pool has been losing about 2 inches of water every other day..we had a scuba driver out and he said we have a crack that is letting water out so the end of July we had the swimming pool drained and they filled in the 3 cracks 1 good size and 2 hairline then had the pool repainted cost ? $6,000.00 without chemicals,water 275 for the scuba dive etc. etc..and it is still losing water!! does anyone know what it could be because the professional we had thought it was fixed??help

  7. I’ve been having a major problem lately. Everyday when our pool overflow turns on I have a constant knocking sound in my bathroom toilet. It appears that the builder only put in one line in the back of our home for the pool overflow line, which includes the bathroom water line, everyday when the overflow goes on to keep the pool at a constant water level, the knocking starts and does not stop until the overflow from the spa to the pool goes off. I have shut off the lever in the back of our home to stop the knocking of the toiler, but that shuts off the water to the overflow to the pool, and when the pool loses water after normal evaporation I either need to use the hose or turn back the water line, so that really doesn’t solve our issue. Does anyone out there know what we can do to stop this issue. I had a plumber and his brilliant idea was to lower the lever half way, but of course that did not stop the knocking sound, so I’m hoping someone out this is honest and intelligent enough to have an answer to this problem.

  8. OH! Judy what have you done to yourself. A pro would not charge anything until he
    proved to you and himself that the leak was found/stopped. But here is something
    you can do for yourself, nothing,no more putting water in your pool,let the water drop as far as it wants to go, Voila, thats where the leak is. Keep in touch, I’ll help,
    and we will work it out, it’s easy after 36 years, GW from Australia

  9. Hey,gertsy where you live how much warranty does a house builder have to have
    on the foundations of your home, think about it. It’s all to do will the licenseing
    laws of where you live, 15 years on f/glass,well they can say what they like but where I live it is only 7 years and thats it, nobody is there to help you after that,exept if you want to take them to court and that another lesson in $ thrown away. But contact your local authorities and see if 15 years could be upheld, I very much doubt it sorry. GW from Australia. ps if they go out of business can you still claim any warranty.

  10. Bev, your problem is an easy one, 1st you don’t have an automatic overflow, if you did you pool your pool would be leaking. 2nd why can’t you get the builder to come back and fix it 3rd you just need a plumber to stop the hammer, he can put an arrester at your meter to stop it. And last I would get rid of it myself, because after the plumber stops the hammer, one day,again, one day it is going to fail when your on 2 weeks holiday and flood your home next door and down the road. What wrong with filling from your hose, you will have a better idea how much it’s useing.GW from Australia

  11. My husband & I are interested in a home that has pool problems. We are willing to repair the pool, but we dont want to invest too much in the repair. The pool is a concrete pool and approx. 10ft on the deepest level. We noticed it is lifted on the deep end and broken decking all around. We have not noticed any cracks but is currently full of stagnant water. Also if this is something we can repair we would like to change the depth to 5.5 feet instead of 10. How can we repair the floating pool and what is the best way to change the depth of a pool? Please provide me with some insight. I would greatly appreciate it.

  12. Concrete pools are the way to go, especially if you want something that is going to last longer. I live in Florida and the weather would tear up fiberglass pools or anything weaker than concrete. Also take advantage of fiber reinforcement.

  13. I recently purchased a home and was wondering how do pool builders go about building pools when the access to the yard is tight, meaning it does not fit a truck. My yard is big I was just wondering if I will ever be able to build a pool there.


  14. i want to build a 20×40 ft inground pool with 8 ft in depth but i dont know how much concrete i would need pls help

  15. This pool is built using concrete not gunite or shotcrete obviously. What is the strength of the concrete they are using? Surely it isn’t just run of the mill concrete.

  16. Quick calculation for concrete…
    Square feet (20×40=800) + (perimeter x average depth 120 x (3+8 / 2= 5.5)) = 1460 x. 04 (12″ of concrete) = 58.4 yards of concrete or gunite.

  17. A well built pool means years of enjoyment and peace of mind. It is wise to hire and pay for a professional pool company with a history of success and integrity.

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